Available Puppies Listings

How to Create and Edit Available Puppies Listings

  1. Click on “Puppies” on the left side bar, then click on “Add New.”
  2. Under “Add New Puppy” fill in the name of the breed in the Title field (this is for SEO purposes).
  3. Under the “Breed” drop down menu, select the breed of the puppy.
  4. How to add breeds to breed drop down menu.
  5. Click “Male” or “Female” under “Gender” field.
  6. Place in microchip number under “Microchip Number” field.
  7. Type in registering organization under “Registration” field.
  8. Enter price under “Price” field.
  9. Enter video link under “Video” field.
  10. Click on “Set featured image” link in the lower right.
  11. Change “images” to “upload to this post” in the upper left drop down menu.
  12. Do not upload large images, it will slow down the loading of the page and add to your bandwidth use unnecessarily.  Click here to find out how to reduce image sizes for Available Puppies images.
  13. Click “Select Files.”
  14. Select your desired file.
  15. Click “Set Featured Image Button.
  16. Click “Publish” button.

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