Customer Testimonials

Below is a few of our customer reviews and some pictures of their newest family members.
If you would like to add your image to our gallery, please send your image by email to: royalpetplacesa@gmail.com Please make sure the images are no larger then 1000×1000. Thank you!


“I really love my new baby Charles! Your staff was so helpful and kind to me in picking him out. He will be so spoiled rotten and loved for his entire life.”


“This is GiGi . She is the light of our lives. We wanted a teacup puppy and we definitely got what we wanted and more! She is a very special puppy. The staff at Royal Pet Palace took very good care of us and we felt comfortable with the amount of knowledge that they had about their dogs. GiGi was given to us healthy, groomed and beautiful!!! We can’t be more happy with our purchase from Royal Pet Palace.”

Sara Green

“My husband and I bought Buster almost a year ago from Royal Pet Palace and he has stolen our hearts. We have made another blessed decision on purchasing a brother for Buster. We got Baby Braxton yesterday and he is such a joy! We now live in Houston and we will never buy a puppy anywhere but Royal Pet Palace. Thank you for giving our home another life and more enjoyment!! The Greens.”

The Greens

“Merry Christmas from the Greens!!!! Thank you Royal Pet Palace for the most precious babies ever!!!”

Daniel Vallejo

“I bought my English bulldog Rocko from Royal Pet Palace about 11 months ago, he is super healthy and actually inspired me to pursue a carreer in dog grooming, i am now a fulltime dog groomer and i could confidently say i wouldn’t have achieved so much if it wasn’t for my loving bulldog Rocko!”


“I just wanted to tell you how happy we are with Bernie. I went to Dallas over the weekend to check out a famous puppy place who is known to sell to numerous celebrities. I have to tell you how disappointed I was in the quality and service. They first asked me my price range and would only bring out the puppies in that price range. I was not allowed to see any of the puppies in the back. Second, when they brought me the puppies they were covered in feces and smelled really bad. I have never been to a place where I could not look at all the dogs let alone bring them out covered in filth. I was totally disgusted. I have to say everytime in have been at your shop it has always been clean and none of the puppies were covered in filth. Not only that, you let me take out several so I could see them interact and get to know their personality. Your babies have got to be the cutest ones I have ever seen. I am so glad we bought Bernie. He is a joy to be around and has such a good disposition. Thanks again for all your help and most importantly for helping us find a great addition to our family.”

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